BAA Is Linked Globally: Website Goes Life!

BAA Is Linked Globally: Website Goes Life!

I am excited to announce on behalf of members of the BAA To The World (BTW) Committee, that following the tireless efforts of our team, and driven and personally funded by our energetic National President, our website went live fifteen minutes ago!

This remarkable milestone in the history of our Association shows that when we set our priorities right and are driven to serve, there’s nothing we cannot achieve.

While the website has factored in all the relevant initial feedback from members, it is a dynamic document and would continue to undergo changes both in content, user feedback and in line with innovations in the e-world.

It has endless potentials, including Fund Raising, Data for members, including who has paid dues, who is eligible to vote, per voters register, e-library, alumni updates, etc etc.

The next phase is the design of a BAA app, after a two months user experience understudy.

Also, the final work of relevant committees would constitute the content of the website in due course, eg, mission, vision, values, constitution, etc etc.

Here are the members of this A Team that sacrificed night and day for this feat:

  1. Elder Emmanuel Aza (1979) Developer/Programmer
  2. Kuku Martins Luther (1988) Systems Administrator
  3. Emmanuel Akaade (1993) Chairman
  4. Emmanuel Tyavyar (1994) NPRO
  5. Phylips T. Mchiah (1996) Graphics Expert
  6. Sefa Tsegha (1997) WordPress Professional
  7. Diddy Deisho Orafa (1998) Content Creator
  8. Lubem Tser (1999) Developer/Programmer
  9. Dr Nguuma Ayua (2000) Developer/Programmer
  10. Msughter Gyangyang (2000) Developer/Programmer
  11. Emmanuel Orgem (2004) Developer/Programmer
  12. Mbakaan Kwen (2004) Chief Photographer
  13. Mutum Fiase (2007) Writer
  14. Lohodedoo Ishima Yakubu (2014) Writer

We are grateful for the recognition and opportunity to serve BAA in this exercise.
I welcome the world to BAA, and welcome BAA to the World!

Emmanuel T. Akaade.
BAA To The World (BTW) Committee

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