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Thank you for this recognition, BAA. God bless

By Amos Atindiga (BAA ’95)

Last week, I had yet another opportunity to let my wobbly feet saunter on the sacred grounds of WM Bristow Secondary School, Gboko, the institution that shaped me into what I have personally been in awe of. I was attending the Annual National Convention (ANC) of the universally acclaimed Bristow Alumni Association (BAA), the prince of alumni bodies in NIgeria. Even if you were the staunchest atheist, Bristow’s magnificent landscape and graceful scenery will have you longing for a heaven you argue does not exist. That place is an elaborate haven, nay temple – full of life, yet so solemn; it would make you feel responsible, even if only for the duration of your stay there.

I reconnected with many of my classmates, seniors, elders as well as living ancestors, and it brought back so many beautiful memories. The nostalgia was palpable. It is always such a joy to reconnect with one’s roots this way.

My Class (BAA ‘95), sponsors of Wase Ukaa Foundation For Educational and Economic Empowerment (WUF), received the award of Set of The Year at the Convention. This was in recognition of our significant contributions to education and entrepreneurship development, something we have done for more than two decades now. As President of this outstanding Class, Bristow’s 31st Set, my heart overflows its farthest boundaries with joy. We are encouraged to do even more.

Sometimes, I sit down and take a moment to wonder how anyone who has lived in Benue but never got the opportunity to attend this prestigious institution is able to live with themselves unperturbed, considering the pride we all strut the planet with. Trust me, no matter how humble you want to be, Bristow will give you shoulder pads. Indeed, many schools are good o, but there is just something flamboyant about attending Bristow, the only school that never runs out of fashion. The truth is, so long as institutional “swag” is concerned, there may never be more than two schools in Benue – it will always be Bristow and Others. Please, hug a person near you who grew up in Benue but missed the opportunity to wear Bristow’s badge.

I celebrate our immediate past President, Ortamen Manz Denga and his EXCO, even as I congratulate the new leadership of Dr Msugh Gbila.

Thank you for this recognition, BAA. God bless.

Congratulations to the indefatigable members of BAA Class of 1995!

Let’s go, Bristow!


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