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The Bristow Alumni Association, BAA Expanded EXCO Meeting (comprising Set Coordinators and Branch Chairmen) held on Saturday, 16th September 2023 at Bristow Secondary School, Gboko, considered the following proposals brought before it by the National EXCO.

1. BRISTOW MULTI-PURPOSE HALL: The BAA National President, Dr. Msugh Gbila explained that on assumption of office, the EXCO visited Bristow Secondary School, went round the school, interacted with both the students, staff, management as well as some BAA members over the challenges facing the school. The school management presented her NEEDS. Looking at the projects presented by the school, the EXCO considered building a school multi-purpose hall as being more desirable. The reason is not far-fetched; our famous Miss Vanderberg Hall has served the school faithfully for a long time and due to the growing population, it has become too small for students’ assemblies and other activities, including BAA Conventions. The disadvantages of holding these events outside are numerous. One of the options was to expand the Miss Vanderberg Hall. This was rejected by congress which sees the hall as a precious monument not to be tempered with. Moreover, the present hall is sandwiched between classrooms the administrative block thereby making further expansion physically impossible!

The BAA National President commended the immediate past administration for producing architectural drawings for the hall which were presented at the meeting. The present EXCO submitted the drawings to a BAA Distinguished Alumnus, a Quantity Surveyor, Mr. Vihive Ikpah of BAA ’76 for Bill of Quantities which he obliged at next-to-nothing! He commended the Distinguished Alumnus.

The Bill of Quantities shows that the total amount needed for the project is Two Hundred and Thirty-One Million, Ninety-Seven Thousand, Three Hundred and Eighteen Naira, Twenty Kobo (N231, 097, 318. 20) only. Even though capital intensive, the EXCO believes that for the comfort of our potential members (Bristow students), ourselves, the name and image of our alma mater, Bristow and that of our great association, Bristow Alumni Association (BAA), we do not consider this beyond us. BAA has pondered over this challenge for a long time and the time for action is now!

RESOLUTION: Speaker after speaker, the Expanded EXCO Meeting unanimously agreed that indeed, the hall has become a necessity and immediately, machinery should be set in motion for its actualization. Members emphasized commitment. To this end, each Set is to nominate one person while each branch is to nominate two (2) members to serve in the Building Committee. Nominations are to reach the BAA National Secretariat by end of September 2023.

2. BAA MEDICAL & HUMANITARIAN GROUP: It is intended to expose our less privileged members to opportunities both at home and abroad, give back to the society and also project our name. It is aimed at providing free medical and social services to those in need. In addition to BAA members, the programme targets those in prisons, IDP camps, burnt living places, etc; to provide medical care and supply needed materials, as well as share the gospel of Christ. There shall be a committee of professionals (volunteers) who shall mobilise voluntary contributions of human, financial, material resources, etc to organise these activities. Documentaries of these activities would help BAA partner with other organisations with similar objectives both in Nigeria and abroad.

RESOLUTION: The Expanded EXCO Meeting gave its nod to the programme and encouraged BAA members with expertise in this area to volunteer their services.

3. BAA Membership Database; The National President intimated the meeting of his intention to build a database of BAA members. He therefore, appealed to Sets/Branches to kindly furnish the National Secretariat with details of their members. Format was given out at the meeting.

The Expanded EXCO Meeting was, indeed, a huge success.

Let’s Go Bristow!

ORJIME Igbakura,
BAA National P.R.O.
17th September, 2023.

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