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Advert Rates for the 2024 BAA National Convention Brochure.

The CPC in conjunction with the Finance subcommittee have approved rates for adverts in its brochure for the 2024 BAA National convention.

Payments for Adverts in the Brochure are as follows:

1-Back page out: 30,000.00

2-Back page “inside”: 25,000.00

3-Centre page: 20,000.00

4-Full page: 20,000.00

5-Half page: 10,000.00

6-Quarter page: 5,000.00.

All payments should be properly labeled and make to the account details below:

Name: Bristow Alumni Association

Account #: 2015254139.

Bank: First Bank Nigeria Plc.

Please send payment receipt to either of the following:

Nguveren Ukange (NT): 07063706955 or

Donald A. Ukpi (NFin Sec): 07089764677.

Advert Payments should be made on or before 15th June 2024.

Work on the online preregistration payment gateway through the BAA website is still in progress and will be communicated as soon as it goes live.

Thank you.

Signed: CPC BAA_NC2024

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