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Securing Our BAA Heritage: Inauguration Of The Daniel Committees

Good morning, great BAA members of every set. What a great time to be called to partake in BAA governance affairs. Following the release of membership composition of the various Governance Committees, codenamed The Daniel Committees on 10th September, 2021, the General Assembly and committee members in particular reacted in unanimous endorsement of the development.

As a lifetime student, I took this phenomenon to mean that when it comes to germane and positive matters, BAA becomes the common – sizing platform. Recall that we had deferred members Inauguration till today, Monday 13th September, 2021, via Zoom.

I was “pleasantly” surprised when initial feedback indicated that not many of our “Dinosaur” and Senior members are conversant with this simple, free Zoom technology. How was this surprise pleasant? To me, it provided an immediate opportunity for Reverse-Mentoring, where the Digital ones will “mentor” the Analog!

A little payback since we will depend on Seniors mentorship for a lifetime, in other areas of life.We also reflected and concluded that Inauguration should come with a word of charge from the President.For the above and other reasons, this becomes our Committee Inauguration release.

We charge all Committee members to work hard and consultatively, owing allegiance only to BAA, remaining objective at all times, removing egos and focussing on ideas, resisting the tendency to lean to the “Nones” or unmoored, and executing in record time, as “deep calls unto the deep”!

Great BAA members, I stand on my Presidential license, with these few words to inaugurate members of the Daniel Committees of BAA.I thank you in advance for your sacrifice, while urging you to keep in sight the crown: Securing the BAA Heritage. Congratulations, once again. Let’s go turn our Greenfield into a Brown field.

God bless,
Manz Denga
BAA Chief Servant, (2021-2023)

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