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The Daniel BAA Committees : Implementation of the Retreat Agenda

We in EXCO greet you in the name of the Lord, trusting in his ability to lead and sustain His creation, of which BAA is prime. EXCO at her last meeting deliberated on the implementation of the resolutions at the inaugural Retreat, and decided on the use of a Committee approach to tackle pressing matters.

In selecting members of Committees, we were mindful of members’ subject expertise, the need to accommodate diversity of opinions, love for BAA affairs, succession planning/Youth mentorship and the guiding principles of Ideation.

We apologize upfront for our inability to seek members consent before enlisting their names and therefore encroaching on their time and intellect for this task.

However, we were emboldened by the belief that most BAA members are zealous for her affairs and if availed the opportunity to serve, they will reciprocate this Faith with lasting Works.

The terms of reference (TOR) would be in posers and statements, which may be validated or extended by the members.
Hereunder are the Committees:

  1. Constitution amendment and review Committee
    • All matters raised on the present document, with a view to strengthening the document which will then undergo the BAA approval and adoption process.
    a. Barr T. Kogi (Chairman)
    b. Dooyum Tarka
    c. Dr E. Gemade
    d. Sefa Mnda
    e. Shachia Achineku
    f. Terrence Acka
    g. Aver Gavar
    h. Orduen Ishu
    i. National Legal Adviser
  2. 5 Year Strategic Plan for BAA
    • How do we ensure that we plan ahead and achieve continuity?
    • This should cover all aspects of the Association.
    a. Arc. Simon Gusah (Chairman)
    b. Dr Stephen A. Nomor
    c. Benjamin Ben Bura
    d. Jen Adzor Jen (Principal)
    e. Tracy Nguavese Dzungwe
    f. Engr Victor Ukaha
    g. Atii Joshua
    h. Victoria Ikyer Cyril
    i. Nguveren Ukange NFS
  3. Mission, Vision, Code of Ethics
    • What do we stand for and how do we conduct ourselves such that we reflect the light of the world?
    a. Tracy Nguavese Dzungwe (Chairperson)
    b. Joe Iorliam
    c. Iorkyar Ajoko
    d. Amise Doofan
    e. Joseph Saater Orshi
    f. Shima Loho Yakubu
    g. Chieshe Ernest
    h. Dooatsor Nyamor
    i. Isaac Mhambe
  4. BAA Honors: Categorisation, Criteria, Responsibilities
    • What should be the categories for BAA awards/Recognition and how would one merit each?
    • What are the duties and responsibilities of awardees, post awards?
    a. Ngusha Tor Agom Chairman
    b. John Ajikwa
    c. Suur Gbatse Amos
    d. Abigail Arave
    e. Andrew Ayabam
    f. Exofficio II James Terkegh Tsegba
  5. Infrastructure and Projects Committee
    • Carry out a need analysis on the school infrastructure
    • Oversee the implementation of projects by branches, sets and individuals/Coporate bodies.
    a. Engr Cephas Suswam (Chairman)
    b. Tor-David Fiase
    c. Engr Teryima Akaade
    d. Ajikwa Shiekuma
    e. Arc Iyua Sen
    f. VP Bristow Sec Sch
    g. Vahemen Ahua
    h. Azoom Iorkam
    i. David Nyitar NSG
  6. Standardisation of content in BAA reports
    • What is the minimum that a BAA report should contain for branches, sets, National?
    • What should a typical handover report contain?
    a. Bemgba Paul (Chairman)
    b. Tivfa Angou
    c. Polycarp Ibo
    d. Erdoo Asema
    e. John Ajikwa
    f. Uwoukwu Torhee
    g. Ajim D. Ude
  7. Fund Raising Committee
    • How do we attract funds to actualise the lofty expectations for BAA?
    a. Rt. Hon. Mrs. Ngunan Addingi NVP (Chairperson)
    b. Andrew Ayabam
    c. Terkura Zozo
    d. Terfa Kwagh
    e. Iyua Ker
    f. Terna Aboh
    g. Mimi Jimin
    h. Job Ahire
    i. Mfe Ingya
  8. Launching BAA to the World
    • Website development, App and related functions
    a. Emmanuel Akaade (Chairman)
    b. Dr Jacob Ayua
    c. Lubem Tser
    d. Sefa Tsegha
    e. Msughter Gyanggyang
    f. Emmanuel Aza
    g. Loho Yakubu
    h. Emmanuel Orgem
    i. Emmanuel Tyavyar
    j. Nathan Mfe
    k. Iorwuese Mtomga
  9. BAA ID, Souvenirs, Mementos
    • BAA occasions uniform or dress for male and female
    • Why do we pay for ID cards and have none?
    • Calendars?
    • Artefacts?
    a. Tyavyar Emmanuel NPRO (Chairman)
    b. Rt. Hon. Mrs. Ngunan Addingi NVP
    c. Sir Sam Percy Ingyoroko
    d. Shimenenge Igue
    e. Benny Makir
    f. Abua Yajir
    g. John Yawe
    h. Emmanuel Orgem
    i. Job Ahire
    j. Gabriel Wapoo
  10. BAA Scholarship Committee
    • How do we structure our scholarships for sustainability and impact
    a. Victor Ukaha ((Chairman)
    b. Msugh Kembe
    c. Isaac Mhambe
    d. Gabriel Yongo LBAA Chairperson
    e. Chairman Abuja
    f. Chairman Makurdi
    g. Orduen Ishu
    h. Prof. Nancy Agbe
    i. Teghtegh Joshua Aza
    j. Jen Adzor Jen (Principal)
  11. BAA Bonding and Cohesion Committee
    • BAA Carnival
    • BAA social and sports meets
    a. Sachia Sende NDOS (Chairman)
    b. Rogers Adaaku
    c. Caleb Adeke
    d. Sylvia Ayagwa
    e. Ephraim Mc Geri
    f. Yina Iorliam
    g. Headgirl
    h. Headboy
    i. Gboko branch Chairman
    j. Mutum Fiase
    k. Chieshe Ernest

    The Committees would be virtually inaugurated by Barr Azoom on Monday 13th September, 2021.
    These committees are expected to turn in reports to EXCO three weeks from inauguration.

    Except the projects committee, all others would have termination at submission of work.
    EXCO values members sacrifice and commitment towards the success of this exercise.

    The above are the Daniel committees, so named after the Daniel in the Bible that dared to stand alone, dared to make his purpose known.

    We hope to take BAA away from the picayune of the idle to the number one Alumni Association in Nigeria.
    So help us God.

    Congratulations to members and God bless.

    Manz Denga,
    BAA Chief Servant

    We anticipate feedback etc, pls do, if so inclined, to NPRO on 08065524456 via txt, call and or whatsapp.

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar photo
    Martins Orduen Ishu

    This is an awesome achievement. More grease to the elbows of members of this committee headed by Mr Tyavyar.
    I must say thank you to the Chief Servant ; the man that works the talk.
    Fish 1983

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