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Dear Ancestors, Elders, Seniors, Mates and Juniors,

As directed by Manz Denga, (President Bristow Alumni Association), I hereby publish the approved vision, mission and code of ethics of our beloved Association which was done by the Vision, Mission and Code of Ethics Sub- Committee of the BAA Daniel Committees.

Our T. O. R was to answer the pertinent question of what we stand for and how we conduct ourselves such that we reflect the light of the world.

Kindly see below:


BAA aspires to be an inclusive association of change agents mutually beneficial to ourselves, our Alma Mater and the society.

Mission Statement

To create lifelong relationships that raise distinguished, successful and exemplary individuals who serve their alma mater and communities in ways that promote and maintain a peaceful environment.


1.Tradition: we will uphold and maintain the noble Christian foundation on which Bristow was founded while ensuring that BAA remains a strong positive force of influence for generations of alumni members.

2.Service: As alumni members, we will put our knowledge, skills and endowments to bear in service to one another and the greater society as a collective effort for growth and development.

3.Honour and Respect It is the moral obligation of every BAA member to show respect, dignity and courtesy to one another. The BAA culture of deference to seniority at all times shall be upheld by all true BAA members, notwithstanding the different levels of achievements attained. However, achievement must be duly recognized and seniority unfailingly respected. We will achieve this by guiding our interactions towards one another and by creating safe spaces where views, opinions and ideas are freely shared in a manner that promotes a sense of belonging for all.

4.Honesty and Integrity: We shall uphold the principles of honesty and integrity in the manner we conduct our duties to W.M. Bristow Secondary School, the Alumni and the society such that we will be beacons of light to the society.

5.Innovation: is crucial to our continuing success; we will continually search and promote new ideas that elevate W.M. Bristow Secondary School as a standard for institutions and BAA as a forward thinking association of creative experts.

6.Selflessness: we shall remain true to the BAA spirit in the effort to promote coexistence, giving and volunteering without self-gratification, engendering strong family ties and promoting espirt de corps among members in all fields of service and enterprise.

7.Transparency and Accountability: to ensure that our actions and behaviour conform to the highest standards of excellence in service to BAA and the larger society.

Committee Members:
a. Nguavese Tracy Dzungwe (Chairperson)
b. Joe Iorliam (Member)
c. Iorkyar Ajoko (Member)
d. Amise Doofan (Member)
e. Joseph Saater Orshi (Member)
f. Shima Loho Yakubu (Member)
g. Chieshe Ernest (Member)
h. Dooatsor Nyamor (Member)
i. Isaac Mhambe (Member)

We appreciate all committee members for their tireless commitment to the cause. May God richly bless you.

Nguavese Tracy Dzungwe

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