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I greet you on behalf of National Exco, distinguished BAA members of all categories.

I present to you, the first phase of the work of the Scholarship Fund Committee, dealing with scholarships for indigent students at the W.M. Bristow Secondary School level, detailing the structure, cost implication, and how to raise the requisite funds.

This is by far the best practice approach to work of this nature.

However, we are not surprised, given the caliber of people on the committee – A serving Commissioner in Benue State, chairing a diverse agglomeration that includes two past Vice-Chancellors of premier Universities, Engineers, and other members.

Exco is grateful to:

  1. Hon. Engr. Ukaha Victor Dzungwe – Chairman
  2. Prof. Moses Msugh Kembe
  3. Prof. Nancy Agbe
  4. Azor Jen – Principal Bristow
  5. Gwa Zachary
  6. Yongo Dooior Gabriel
  7. Orduen Ishu
  8. Engr. Hon Abraham Terhemen

Here is the report, for your weekend delight.

For Exco

Manz Denga

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