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I send fraternal greeting to esteemed members of BAA in all cadres, BOT, CoPP, Exco, Branches and Sets.

It has been a month since we inaugurated the BAA “institutional building blocks” committees- tagged the Daniel Committees of BAA.

We commend the enthusiasm with which most committee members have embraced the assignment and gone ahead with its execution, achieving various milestones on the execution linear-progression rating.

As is generally said, you only say a day has been fair when it is night and, therefore, when you must have seen all of the day.

I return, on behalf of members of BAA, to commend Committee members of the following committees, that have undergone all four stages in group dynamics (Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing) to come up with the final products that meet and exceed our expectations, and rank head and shoulder above similar alumni associations in our climes.

BAA to the World

Captainship and Membership

  1. Emmanuel Akaade (1993) – Chairman
  2. Emmanuel Orgem (2004) – AGS
  3. Emmanuel Tyavyar (1994) – NPRO
  4. Elder Emmanuel Aza (1979)
  5. Kuku Martins Kuku (1988)
  6. Philip T. Mchia (1996)
  7. Sefa Tsegha (1997)
  8. Diddy Deisho Orafa (1998)
  9. Lubem Tser (1999)
  10. Nguuma Ayua (2000)
  11. Msughter Gyanggyang (2000)
  12. Mbakaan Kwen (2004)
  13. Mutum Fiase (2007)
  14. Lohodedoo Ishima Yakubu (2014)
  15. Vision, Mission, Values and Ethics

Peopled by:

  1. Nguavese Tracy Dzungwe – Chairperson
  2. Joe Iorliam
  3. Iorkyar Ajoko
  4. Amise Doofan
  5. Joseph Saater Orshi
  6. Shima Loho Yakubu
  7. Chieshe Ernest
  8. Dooatsor Nyamor
  9. Isaac Mhambe
  10. Scholarships Fund Committee

Plane piloted and crewed by:

  1. Hon. Commissioner Engr. Ukaha Victor Dzungwe – Chairman
  2. Prof. VC Moses Msugh Kembe
  3. Prof. VC Mrs Nancy Agbe
  4. Azor Jen – Principal Bristow
  5. Gwa Zachary
  6. Yongo Dooior Gabriel
  7. Orduen Ishu
  8. Samuel Alyewan
  9. Engr. Hon Abraham Terhemen

The various Committees membership cuts across Ancestors, Elders, Seniors, and Juniors – a few which are persons personally serving as mentors and benefactors to me in the past.

To have agreed to serve (many under the chairmanship of juniors) shows the extent to which they have placed BAA matters above ego.

Now that it is curtain-closure time on the day, we look back and say that for the above committees, it has been a fair day indeed.

May the Lord reward your intellectual sacrifices.

We are proud of you, and the end products hosted on our website eternally record your sterling contributions to BAA and society, while you chose us to serve BAA.

God bless you richly.

Let’s go, Bristow.

Manz Denga
BAA Chief Servant
(2021 – 2023)

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