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Terms of Reference

To determine:

  • The categories of awards
  • The criteria for the awards
  • The duties and responsibilities of award recipients post award.
  • Any other option the Committee may consider and recommend

Bristow Alumni Association (BAA) shall honour her outstanding members for their achievements. Awards categories and criteria for each of the awards are given below:

Awards Category:

A. Golden Awards: Lifetime Achievements


This award aims to honour BAA members who have achieved so much academically, spiritually, politically, in business, have made significant and lasting impact in their respective fields, their service to the association over time, have earned the respect and admiration of other BAA members, and also committed to maintaining a dynamic connection to all generations of BAA. Recipients of this award shall be recognized for their outstanding contributions to existing knowledge and literature such as writing, speaking, teaching, and delivering public presentations that have significantly contributed to the development of BAA and the society at large.

B. Diamond Awards: Service to BAA


This award shall be given in acknowledgement of significant contributions and sustained service to the association. The award will honour individuals whose service to the association have gone beyond volunteer contributions. For instance, those that have initiated scholarships, offered employment, admissions into higher institutions, financial assistance to fellow BAA members and WM Bristow Students, as well as, initiated projects at Bristow individually or collectively as a class or branch. This category also includes Medical Practitioners, Legal Practitioners, those in leadership positions at various parastatals, agencies and departments.

C. Silver Award: BAA Associates


Distinguished BAA friends and associates should be honored. This includes traditional rulers, religious leaders, political leaders, including non-BAA spouses. Political/Traditional rulers play a major role in the communities where BAA activities hold. Non-BAA spouses of BAA members who provide the needed moral and emotional support for their spouses deserve to be honored. This category also includes Managing Directors, CEOs, and Heads of Departments where BAA members serve, and who play key roles in the advancement of BAA members in their respective organizations, be it health, politics, legal, private and/or social organizations.

D. Committed Service Awards


This award shall be awarded in recognition of members that have demonstrated a sustained commitment to the association’s development and effectiveness within their own operating practices. Those that are foot soldiers of BAA, very patriotic on BAA issues, working assiduously to promote and project BAA members in a positive way, as well as, project the school (Our Alma Mata) in good light in their speech, character, attitude, and actions.

E. Most Dedicated Female Member of the Year awards


This category is for the most active female BAA member of the year. The aim is to encourage female participation and commitment to the activities of the association and W.M. Bristow Secondary School.

F. BAA Set of the Year Awards


This award shall be given to BAA Sets that have given back to W.M. Bristow Secondary School in one way or the other, through donations and interventions at different times, as well as, sets that have attained and maintained an outstanding record of unity, financial contributions to the association, and are committed to the personal development of their members. The sets performance shall be assessed within a year to determine the best performing set of the year.

G. Talents Awards:


This award shall be given to BAA members in the creative Industry. The aim is to encourage them in their chosen careers and also to boost their skills and self-expression. Under this Award category, we shall have:

  • Best Entertainer (Singer, Dancer, Actor, Actress, Producer, Director, Public Relations Personality, DJs, Radio Personality, TV Personality, etc.)
  • Best Sportsman
  • Best Entrepreneur
  • Best Commentator
  • Best Comedian
  • Best Artist/Artiste
  • Best Fashion Designer/Tailor
  • Best ICT Personality
  • Best Graphics Designer/Digital Printer 

H. W. M. BRISTOW Staff Excellence Awards


This award shall be for:

  • For Principals for Innovations brought into managing the school.
  • For Teachers, Best Subject Teacher using SSCE results.
  • Most dedicated non-teaching staff.

I. Students Awards.


Students of W.M Bristow secondary School shall be awarded for academic distinction and scientific inventions and innovations. The awards shall be for the outstanding student(s) of the year under review.


  • Award recipients shall represent the association at all times, in line with the vision and mission of the association.
  • They shall conduct themselves in accordance with the ethics of the association.
  • They shall be ever willing and ready to perform any task as assigned to them by the association.
  • Note:
    • That BAA awards shall be in plaques.
    • The awardees shall be honoured with special and unique tags or badges during conventions.
    • Awards shall be given annually during the national convention.
    • Recipients shall not be eligible for the next round of awards.
    • There shall be an awards committee appointed by the incumbent EXCO.

The Awards Committee shall oversee the nominations for the various awards categories based on the outlined criteria.


  1. Must be a member/registered member of BAA as defined by the BAA Constitution. However, membership registration criteria shall be waived for recipients who are non-BAA members.
  2. Must be nominated and supported by BAA Sets, Branches & Chapter members who must also be registered with BAA.
  3. Nominations shall be made through Branches chapters and Sets to the National BAA who will refer such to the Awards Committee so set up.
  4. Awardees Must accept awards in writing before the final presentation etc.


  1. Must accept to uphold BAA at all times.
  2. Must be willing to support BAA as need might arise.
  3. Must be willing & able to Mentor other BAA members.

(A) Grand Patron Awards: Association may decide to give prominent personalities in the society this kind of award.

(B). Patron/ Patroness: Same as above.


  1. To support the association and her projects / activities.
  2. To assist the association financially, morally and spiritually etc.


1. Agom Tor – Chairman BAA ’78

2. Terkegh Tsegba – Member BAA ’82

3. Andrew Ayabam PhD – Member BAA ’86

4. Ajikwa Shiekuma – Member BAA ’02

5. Arave Nguher Abigail – Member BAA ’13

6. Gbatse Amos Suur – Secretary BAA ’00

Amos Suur Gbatse



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3 Responses

  1. Avatar photo
    Amos Suur Gbatse

    Great development and more grace to BAA and BAA leadership. I am so proud to be a member of BAA.

    Amos Suur Gbatse
    BAA 2000
    Admission number 6591

  2. Avatar photo
    Amos Suur Gbatse

    Wonder work by the BAA Executive led by our amiable President Manz Denga.
    More grace to BAA, more Wisdom and strength to BAA leadership for more exploits

  3. Avatar photo
    Amos Suur Gbatse

    Wonder work by the BAA Executive led by our amiable President Manz Denga.
    More grace to BAA, more Wisdom and strength to BAA leadership for more exploits

    Amos Suur Gbatse
    6591 ’00

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