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June 12th. 2023.

Great BAA!

It is with great joy and privilege for me that I have this opportunity to present myself to you today and to indicate my interest to run for the office of the National Vice President of Bristow Alumni; our great Association.

BAA is an integral part of my being and for over Twenty Nine (29) years I have not only being a committed member but I have given my time and resources both intellectual and financial to the growth and development of our great Alumni.

In the course of this journey I have been privileged to have served in the following capacities at the class, campus, branch and National levels;

The Class of 1993:

1- The Chairman

Throughout my time of service I contributed in:

1. Searching out and bringing members of the class of 1993 together and facilitating the first meeting of the class in 1994 etc.

2. My tenure of Chairmsnship experienced great membership mobilization & support to the school with donations of 11 ceiling fans in 2008 which have served its purpose having functioned in Miss Vandenbergs’ Hall for over a decade and also donated text books to the library during the tenure of TYOOR Nder Kuhwa as the Principal.

2- I also served as Vice Chairman Among other feats, we started the scholarship award to 5 students in Bristow and they have all graduated.

We also had our 20th graduation anniversary in 2013 where I was appointed the Chairman planning committee and still hold same position for the planning of our 30th anniversary celebration this year.

3 Secretary


University of Agriculture Makurdi Chapter:

I served in the following capacity:

1- Secretary: 1995-1996: As Secretary to our President Mrs Grace (Née Akpe), we had the first ever BAA campus association launching and received great financial support from Elders like Moughsha, Late Dr Terlumun Avav, Chief Engr Bajah, Elder Ikyaator, Elder Ngusha Agom-Tor etc.

2- President: 1996-1997. Used this time to strengthen BAA BSU campus amongst others.

BAA Abuja Branch

I served as the PRO between 2014 and 2017 where I was instrumental to the improvement in publicity of the branch activities leading to increase in membership under the leadership of Mummy Priscilla M. Ikparen as Branch President.

BAA National: 2017-2019.

I served as the PRO and contributed in bringing all sets and branch PROs under the same platform for ease and instant information dissemination.

Additionally, I have attended more than 10 conventions where I was instrumental in mobilizations, paid all Conventions dues, made contributions both financial and suggestions throughout all activities of the convention.

Projects in BAA:

1- Having observed the lack of proper documentation, publicity and coverage of our past Conventions, to keep members who could not attend the convention abreast of live happenings, reconnect the entire BAA family with renewed vigour and ensure we keep the institutional memory of convention; i pioneered the BAAA Media whose first inaugural meeting was held on 27th December 2016 @ Calypso lounge. The focus of this media outfit was to generate interest, create awareness and enhance mobilization towards attendance @ the 2017 National convention.

BAA Media commenced full activities in January 2017 and gave full publicity for the convention, interviewed over 100 distinguished Alumunus like Sen. Chief BAI Gemade, Engr Peter Abwa (BAA0001), Prof Nancy Agbe, Dr. E. Gemade, Chief Terna Abbo, Rev Dr. Mkena, etc and shared short clips of those videos.

The impact of BAA media alone resulted in the attendance of 800 Delegates in that years’ convention.

2- I have also contributed to scholarships that were awarded to some students at the 1993 class level and also in Lagos branch.

3- As the Founder and Chairman of The Akaade Kucha Foundation, we instituted a scholarship scheme at Bristow Secondary school which commenced in 2021.

Having served through the ranks where I have a clear understanding of the workings of the association based on a SWOT analysis; it’s Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats, I am well positioned with a BAA agenda to support the President to drive the needed change and further development of our revered alumni association.

My motivation to offer myself for service to this prestigious Alumni Association is based on the following;

(A) Commitment: Since I graduated from Bristow I have been steadfast in my involvement in all things Bristow and her alumni. This is evident in my service for the past 29 years.

(B) Competence: Having served at all levels of the association my competence is without a doubt.

(C) Creativity: As the pioneer of BAA Media, it is also a testament to my creativity and capacity to drive change.

I am a graduate of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from The University of Agriculture Makurdi with over 19 years experience as an internationally trained Transmission Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the telecommunications sector having worked with Airtel, LM Ericssion, Alheri Engineering-Dangote Group, Etisalat/9Mobile, Backbone Connectivity Network (BCN).

Currently am the Senior Manager; Fibre Network Design and Rollout at IHS Towers Nigeria.

I therefore, call upon each of us to support this great aspiration so that together we can make BAA better.

Thank you,

Teryima Emmanuel Akaade.






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