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New Constitutional Guidelines for Membership of CoPP

A Presidential Release

New Constitutional Guidelines for Membership of CoPP.

Fond and reverential greetings to the various BAA organs, permanent or adhoc, including the ever dutiful COC, CAC and the General Assembly.

In the previous order of things, once a person became the National President of BAA, and having ended his (we must get gender friendly and start having her as well) tenor, membership of the special club of past presidents, became automatic.

However, beginning after this convention, and going forward, such membership becomes strictly by Admission, after the College of Past Presidents x-rays your account while in office and awards you a pass mark.

It means if you don’t measure up, you won’t be admitted into the CoPP.

The aim is to make the high office holder conscious of being held to account for conduct while in office as BAA President, thereby, hopefully engaging in activities that reinforce BAA-centrism, and BAAness, including Integrity, respect for Seniors, and being there for one another.
(Please refer to our website for the brilliant work on BAA values, done by the Daniel Committee)

Potential BAA office seekers must note that there’s life in office and posterity (and now CoPP) to judge conduct after office.

Thank you for framing this in the constitution, and may God help us.

Let’s go, Bristow!

Manz Denga,
Chief Servant, BAA

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