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The Bristow Alumni Association (BAA) announces the passing unto glory of the founding Principal of Bristow Secondary School, Gboko, Prof. Harold Bergsma. Aged 91, Harold Milton Bergsma, a native of San Diego, California passed away in his sleep on 7th August, 2023.

The BAA National President, Dr. Msugh Gbila on behalf of the EXCO and the entire BAA members extends his heartfelt condolence to the family of Late Dr. Bergsma and prays God to console them.

Dr. Bergsma’s missionary works in Nigeria and beyond led many to Christianity, provided quality education which is the foundation of modern development around the globe. His many writings about the tribe of the Tiv in Nigeria, including translation of the History of the Tiv by Late Akiga Sai are a testament to the sacrifices and ideals emblematised by the Late Bergsma.

Following his demise, the BAA President requests members who wish to write condolence messages to do so and place them on BAA social media handles or send them directly to the EXCO through the P.R.O on whatsapp (08069204341) or Such would be collated and forwarded to the family since the Late Dr. Bergsma as part of his wishes, desired that no public service be held in respect of his death.

ORJIME Igbakura,
BAA National P.R.O

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