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If you’re observant, you’ve likely come across one of the recent Facebook trends—a captivating photo that has captured the attention of many. Its beauty is undeniable, and numerous witnesses can attest to that.

However, what distinguishes this photograph for me?

The enchanting greenish woodlands. If you’ve ever had the privilege of stepping through the gates of W.M. Bristow, you’d be greeted by the malina spreads that enhance digestion and memory. The overall presence of beautiful flowers and trees is nothing short of fascinating, creating a comfortable environment for anyone finding themselves within.

But what significance lies in these green trees?

Allow me to share my perspective on what this picturesque view conveys about Bristow.

In Bristow:

  • You’re Welcomed
  • You’re Planted
  • You’re Watered
  • You Grow
  • You’re Shaped
  • You Stand Tall
  • You’re Alive
  • You Shine
  • You Illuminate
  • You’re Involved

Similar to trees, many have been planted, have grown, and now radiantly shine in their pursuits. Bristow proudly declares, “WE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.” Positioned like a city on a hill, we are not concealed. We shine, and the world takes notice.

To every Bristow associate, wherever you may be, let your light shine. And to my fellow individuals who have witnessed the light and felt its impact, come on, let it shine.


#10582 _ Club 55.

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