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The National EXCO of Bristow Alumni Association, BAA on Saturday, 27th April, 2024, at Bristow Secondary School, Gboko had a twin meeting of;

  1. BAA Building Committee,
  2. BAA Expanded EXCO meeting.

The BAA Building Committee, under the leadership of Pharm. Zachary Gwa, Ph.D presented a progress report (including those of sub-committees) on the Multi-purpose Hall. Considering the report both physically and virtually, the Expanded EXCO applauded the committee for their tireless effort which has taken the technical aspect to an advanced stage. Therefore, the meeting resolved that the GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY should be part of activities for the July, 2024 Convention. Sets, branches and individual BAA members are kindly reminded to begin to include the Building Project in their financial plans as the Committee would come to them sooner than expected.

Also, during the meeting, the following committees were sworn-in by the BAA National President, Dr. Msugh Gbila;

  1. 2024 Convention, chaired by the National Vice President, Engr. Akaade Emmanuel who equally gave a progress report.

  2. Disciplinary/Arbitration Committee, chaired by the Legal Adviser, Barr. Ruth Y. Aorga.

In the Disciplinary/Arbitration Committee, Mr. Ajoko Iorkyar of Makurdi branch was nominated/sworn-in to replace a member who earlier declined his nomination into the committee.

  1. Welfare Committee, chaired by the National Director of Socials, Dera Nguuma

BAA members are implored to take note of these committees and refer matters appropriate to each when the need arises.

Let’s Go Bristow!

ORJIME Igbakura,
BAA National P.R.O

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