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EXCO settles a BAA Legacy matter : BAA Seal crafted

The seal of any organisation is an embossment emblem engraved in a device to convey confirmation and authorization of the content of all documents so stamped.

Following our inauguration, we asked for the BAA Seal, but were told that the last time it was seen was during the tenor of Sen B. A. I. Gemade as NP.

This matter also came up at the BAA inaugural retreat, recently held.

To rest the matter, BAA Chief Servant went to the high Court to swear the necessary affidavits.
We also paid for the crafting of a new Seal medallion, complete with our logo.

We are therefore pleased to share the picture of this instrument of validation in this Communication.
We promised to serve, and together with you, we will deliver on all fronts.

Let’s go Bristow.

Manz Denga,
BAA Chief Servant,

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar photo
    Nguavese Tracy DZUNGWE

    Amazing!!!!! We have moved!!!!!!! We have shifted ground from that mundane and medieval modus operandi to a digital and upwardly mobile agenda. The light we are shining now and forever.

    Let’s walk side by side in unity.

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